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Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

Representing the 25th District of New York

Louise Line: His 100th Day

April 26, 2017
Louise Line
April 26, 2017

Today marks the 100th day of the Trump Administration. I believe it’s been a troubling start for our president.

Like the thousands of you who have reached out with concerns in the last 100 days, I have also been troubled by the White House’s inability to make progress on the issues facing our nation, including repairing our crumbling infrastructure and addressing the skyrocketing cost of education.

Instead of acting on his promises to the American people, I think the president and his cabinet full of billionaires, bankers, and CEOs have failed to take meaningful action. Often, their decisions have raised serious concerns regarding conflicts of interest. A bad process begets a bad product and the White House's process hasn’t been a good one. In my opinion, the issues facing our nation require more than slapdash legislative efforts and questionable executive actions.

Since the president was sworn into office, his administration has been clouded by controversy and an inability to produce results for the American people. This includes:

Immigration Ban: the president’s two executive orders, which attempted to block immigrants and refugees from several majority-Muslim countries, were deemed unconstitutional and blocked by federal judges.

Troubling Ties to Russia: from the firing of former national security advisor Michael Flynn for unethical behaviors to the recusal of Attorney General Sessions from investigations into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, the ties between the Trump Administration and Russian officials have continued to grow without serious oversight from Republican leaders in Congress.

Roll Back of Critical Protections: from women’s health care rights to the environment, the president has used more than 30 executive orders to eliminate critical safeguards the American people depend on.

The Unsuccessful Health Care Repeal Bill: this bill, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), would knock an estimated 24 million of their health insurance in the next 10 years and leave many with higher costs, if they could afford coverage at all.

Failing to Release his Tax Returns: the president is the first in modern history to refuse to release his tax returns, despite promising the American people he would do so. This, along with the Congressional Majority voting six times against requiring the president to release his returns, has kept the American people deliberately in the dark.

I was glad to see the president stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) once and for all. I’m not against trade, but I’ve always demanded that it be fair trade. We’ve never had that in any of our trade agreements, which is why I’ve voted against every single one of them. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was a 12-country mega-deal negotiated in secret that would have been more of the same. Our workers deserve better.

You sent me to Congress to get things done, and that’s why I will keep pushing the president and the Majority in Congress to get serious about the issues you care about. Make no mistake, I will work with anyone willing to tackle the issues important to our state and nation. But I also won’t stop holding the Republicans in Washington, including the Trump Administration, accountable.